Essential Ingredients for Making a Cake

To make a delicious cake, you need to know what ingredients to buy. We’ll go over the basics: Sugar, Butter, Baking powder, and Shortening. Next, you need to bake the cake according to the recipe. Once baked, let the cake cool on a wire rack for about 10 minutes. Don’t place the top layer of the cake upside down on the rack.

Baking powder 레터링케이크

When baking a cake, the right amount of baking powder is essential to make it light and fluffy. Too much powder may cause your cake to collapse and develop large air bubbles. It can also give your cake an unpleasant taste. Use the correct measuring methods to achieve the right amount of baking powder.

You can also use cream of tartar instead of baking powder. This ingredient, which is also a by-product of winemaking, stabilizes creams and egg whites, preventing them from setting up into crystals. You can find cream of tartar in the spice aisle.


Sugar plays several important roles in a cake. It helps to carry air bubbles into the batter and softens the protein in flour. It also lowers the caramelisation point of the batter, making the cake moist long after baking. Salt adds flavor and strengthens the gluten network in the cake batter.

When sugar is heated, it undergoes a series of chemical reactions that result in a more complex flavor. Sugar crystals break down into smaller particles, releasing gas bubbles. When the sugar crystals become hot, they become less crystalline and develop deeper brown hues.


When it comes to baking, the key is choosing the right butter. It can make a huge difference in the taste and texture of a cake. Butter is essential in creating light and airy pastries. Compared to margarine, butter resists heat better and does not turn gummy when heated. However, before choosing your butter, read the label carefully. If it is hydrogenated, you should avoid it. It contains trans fatty acids that are the enemy of good cholesterol.

If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality butter, try Challenge brand. This brand is available in both salted and unsalted varieties. The butter has a smooth, pale yellow color. Its flavor is not as creamy as a higher-priced butter, but it helps lighten the cake and soften the inside. It can also be used to glaze a cake or bread before cooking.


Shortening is a butter-like fat that can be added to baked goods. It’s best used in baked goods that are short in dough. Shortening is more stable than butter and can hold its shape longer. Shortening also helps the baked goods stay moist and soft after baking. It’s important to choose the right amount for your recipe.

When making a cake, it’s best to use a shortening that has a neutral or mild flavor. This way, it won’t interfere with the natural flavor of the cake or the flavoring added to it.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener that is good for baking. Its nutritional value is a plus as well. It can be used in baking to make cakes rich in flavor. Generally, maple syrup should be used in cakes that are butter or oil based. However, either maple syrup or cane sugar can be used successfully.

To make a maple cake, you should heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also need a spring form cake pan or a regular cake pan and a large mixing bowl. First, combine all the wet ingredients in a mixing bowl until they are well combined. Then, combine the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Sift them together and mix on low speed until combined.

Egg whites

Using egg whites for making a cake is a great option for those with dietary restrictions. These whites have the same texture and flavor as egg yolks, but without the fat. They can be used in recipes where exact amounts of sugar are necessary. Using egg whites will help ensure that your cake rises to stiff peaks without falling.

First, separate the egg whites and transfer them to an extra-large glass bowl. You should use a clean bowl and make sure that it is wide enough to prevent the beaters from getting buried in the egg whites. Avoid using plastic bowls, as these may contain oily residue, which can reduce the volume of the beaten egg whites. Next, sift the flour and powdered sugar three times. This will remove lumps and aerate the flour, making the cake fluffy.